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-- Cataract --

Pinpoint pupilloplasty for indetecable astigmatism

  Ashraf Armia, Egypt

Routine cataract: from disaster to harmony

  Lukan Mishev, Bulgaria

Premium IOL's in post-keratoplasty

  Anas Anbari, United Kingdom

Small eyes big problems: cataract, think twice

  Nancy Rakkad, Jordan

Phaco capsulotomy in white milky cataracts

  Yasser Rifay, Morocco

Hunting for the best in RLE

  Detlev Breyer, Germany

-- Glaucoma --

Landmarks in deep sclerectomy

  Alain Bron, France

Xen complications

  Younes Agoumi, Canada

Nanophtalmos: when surgical challenges become nightmares

  Sidi Mohammed Ezzouhairi, Morocco

Glaucoma secondary to elevated episcleral venous pressure

  Ahmed Mostafa Abelrahman, Egypt

How should I manage neovascular glaucoma

  Jalal Aberkane, Algeria

Surgical management of longstanding ocular hypotony after glaucome surgery

  Omnia Hamam, Emirat Arab Uni


Ashraf Armia



Sidi Mohamed Ezzouhairi